Wedding Dress Cleaning

We use both Wet and Dry techniques depending on the fabrics and stains that require treating. Each dress is an individual with its own memories and story.

After a careful inspection of the dress, stains are treated and the dress is hung overnight before being rechecked.

Any remaining stains will be treated again and left to hang.

Any Embelshments nad stones will them be covered with a protective fabric before the whole dress is dry cleaned Fabrics are then removed and the dress is left to hang overnight .

Stone are then shined and polished before a final inspection and bagging of the dress. 

We will treat you dress with care and attention. All stains are removed and stones are cleaned by hand in a time consuming but preserving manner. 

A £10 non refunable deposit is payable on drop off. The Service can take 7-10 days.  You will receive a special collection card with an estimated completed date and a text once its ready for collection. 

Cleaned with Love, Preserved with magic