Commercial Cleaning and Consulting

Commercial Cleaning is something that we really excel at here at Unicorn Cleaning . 

Our Uniformed staff are  trained in all aspects of Commercial Cleaning. We work to a high, maintainable standard,

Working closely with a local Independant Chemicals Manufacturer  means that we have access 24/7  to a range  products that will meet your exact specifications.

By carrying out a product requirement assesment prior to the Contract commencing . we can guarantee results. Anything from specific types of flooring to highly controlled cleans where products will be required for infection control. 

We supply a Safety Folder to all our Commercial Cleaning Sites on starting the contract. This includes:


  • Health and Safety Risk Assesment 
  • Method Statements 
  • COSHH Certificates / Safety Data Sheets for all products 
  • Work Plan including Timescales to be adhered to and Rota Jobs

For Full Information or to discuss your requirements, please call or email us [email protected]


Do you have currently employ a cleaning team that you feel are not working to their full potential? 

Employing staff can be difficult and its really important that all staff share the same passion and work ethic for your company as you do, otherwise your not a team. 

We are now applying all our knowledge and motivation on a consulting basis to companies UK wide, allowing you to utilise the staff you currently have in place to the maximum and hopefully reduce your costs at the same time. This will allow your company to avoid the expensive and time consuming recruit process, while improving your cleaning standards and efficiency. 

Initially we can discuss your main issues, whatever they may be, including Size of Job to ratio of staff, team bonding, education, motivation, productivity and products to name a few. This will allow us to see what team members would benefit from one of our Trainig  Day Seminars . 

Day Seminars are held in Various locations throughout the year and are not only Educational but Motivational. We aim to bring back Job satisfaction and a strive to be the best. 

We will train your current team to be exceptional at what they do, as well as understanding how the products they use can help with efficency and time management. This should also help to reduce your companies costs on spending and wages. 

All companies will know that teams always benefit from training sessions , they just often know where to go for this or have time to implement this. 

Thats exactly where we can help! We take care of everything on the day, even lunch and a products starter pack will also be included! 

For a PDF Brochure  or to enquire about our Training Seminars in your area, email us today.  Anyone who thinks they can't improve at what they do is already in need of Unicorn.